In case you haven’t checked my calendar link, I thought I’d let you know about a series of six classes I hope to give in May and June. Each class will be 60-90 minutes long and they will be given in private homes on Mondays from 1.30 pm to around 3 pm, from May 6 to June 17 (we’re skipping May 20, Victoria Day). The cost for the series is $150.

Each class will address one of the Six Remembrances/Zechirot: six Torah passages that require us to remember something. (In some siddurs this list of six appears at the end of the morning prayers, along with “Ani Ma’amin”, a brief credo based on Maimonides’ Thirteen Principles, and the Ten Commandments.)

The six remembrances are:
— the exodus from Egypt
— the experience at Sinai
— the attack by Amalek
— God’s anger at the generation of the desert
— God’s punishment of Miriam on the road out of Egypt
— the sabbath

No prior level of Jewish education or observance is required; classes are conducted in English and materials are provided in translation. If you’re interested, then email me to let me know.

Shayna (who seems to have memory on the brain lately)


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