Now coming to a brain near you!

Shalom, Chevrah.
It’s July and, based on the last few days, I’m in hideout mode. The heat, the heat! But I will creep out of my air-conditioned fastness for the exceptional opportunity to hear Simi Peters when she comes to Toronto later this month. It’s time for the annual Nishmat Yarkhei Kallah, a series of half-day sessions offered every summer over three days by Nishmat,the Jerusalem-based institute for advanced Jewish study for women.

Regardless of your level of Jewish education or Hebrew language, you can learn from and enjoy this event. Simi will be speaking on Rashi, the pre-eminent classical Jewish commentator, on July 24-26. There will be free-standing half-day sessions on Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning and afternoon, and Thursday morning, so if you can’t make all the sessions, you can drop in for whatever you can fit into your schedule. I have had the pleasure to study with Simi here and at Nishmat in Jerusalem, and have enjoyed the experience immensely.

If you’re interested, drop a line to and get the full scoop. I hope to be there and to learn with many of you.


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