For Language Geeks (you know who you are!)

Now that I’ve got a blog of my own (you’re reading it now), I have succumbed to the lure of the blogosphere and there are a few places that regularly feature writing I enjoy. One such spot is a blog called SHADY CHARACTERS, which is–delightfully–about typographical issues. I found it while Googling for an explanation of an incomprehensible crossword clue. (I’d solved it by virtue of the crossing letters but, it being a cryptic or British-style crossword, I couldn’t understand how the verbal clue related to the answer in the grid. Infuriating.)

Written by Keith Houston, of whom I confess I had never heard, it provides witty discussions of such topics as why the octothorpe (this thing #) means both “number” and “pounds”. A late release directed me to a charming NYT article that I had missed first time around–an affectionate salute to the semi-colon. See it here:

So, if you have extra time (hah!), spend some of it here–“ I promise you will enjoy it.


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