And the winner is…..Wednesday!

Shalom, Chevrah.
For those of you who have been waiting with bated breath (or, if you’ve been eating herring lately, baited breath) to hear when my classes on Sefer Breishit/Genesis will be held this coming year, here’s the scoop: we are abandoning our long-held post on Thursday nights and moving to Wednesday nights. Still 7.30 pm, still between 60-90 minutes, still as free-ranging and free-form as ever, but on a different night of the week. Oh, and still room at the table for you! If you’re interested, please drop me a line via email.

And we’re starting early this year, because of all the yomtovim on Wednesday night/ Thursday/ Friday. So if you’re on my Breishit email list, watch for your calendar today.

Shabbat shalom.



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