Shalom, Chevrah.

Well, having willfully resisted the blogosphere for all this time, I’m finally taking the plunge. I’m hoping that you’ll drop in now and then to comment, make suggestions, argue with me or others here (but politely, please!), and find food for thought.

I was reluctant to start blogging for several reasons: I doubted that I’d have that much to say–a doubt amply confirmed by the contents (or lack thereof) in those few blogs I’ve read. So posts will appear here at irregular intervals.

Also, I didn’t feel the need–as some bloggers do–to inform you of every infinitesimal development in my life. So, if you’re looking for gossip, look elsewhere.

The main goal of this blog, as its title indicates, is to keep you up to date about when and where I’m learning. (LOMEDET means “she is learning” in Hebrew.) Sometimes, I’ll be reporting on groups I’ve led or will be leading; sometimes, I’ll be telling you about whose feet I’m sitting at, open-eared and thirsty-brained. Occasionally, I’ll share a thought about something of interest that has occurred to me. I may make book recommendations or comment on issues of popular interest. I can’t make any promises but almost certainly this will be mostly an excursion into the world of Jewish studies.

So there we are. Welcome, pull up a chair, and wish me b-hatzlakhah/good luck. Let’s hope I have some interesting things to say. Happy reading!



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